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Workshop Wrap: Didgeridoo Composition Workshop 2023

Southern Cross Soloists held a Didgeridoo Composition Workshop at the Judith Wrights Arts Centre on Thursday 19th October 2023. The workshop is part of SXS Didgeridoo Commissioning Project 2022 - 2032.

The event was held in person, and livestreamed globally for people to participate around the world. The panel consisted of Award Winning Australian composer, Lachlan Skipworth, Grammy Award Winning guitarist from the United States, John Jorgenson, SXS Artist in Residence and esteemed Didgeridoo Artist, Chris Williams, as well as the musicians of the Southern Cross Soloists and guest associate artists from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Chris Williams and John Jorgenson attended media calls at the Judith Wright Art Centre and ABC Radio Brisbane, talking about the composition workshop, and also the upcoming SXS Didgeridoo Composition world premiere Global Rivers Rising, co-composed by Williams and Jorgenson.

The workshop gave an opportunity for International and Australian composers to workshop ideas and learn how to compose for this ancient Australian instrument.

It opened insightful conversations and started a dialogue between Western Classical Composers and First Nations musicians, with the hope of creating a pathway towards a blended, and unique Australian sound.

(Picture 1: Professor Uncle Kevin Williams, on the topic of Cultural Consultation)

(Picture 2: Chris Williams with Italian-Australian composer, Denis Feletto)


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