10:30AM Saturday August 14

A&I Hall, Bangalow

Rare Diamonds opens with a piece by Franz Schubert for a now extinct musical instrument – the arpeggione (essentially a bowed guitar) played by violist James Wannan followed by a rare trio by the great Italian film composer Nino Rota in his bustling and spirited trio for flute, violin and piano. Isabella Moore joins SXS for Sergei Rachmaninoff’s enchanting and nostalgic vocal works embodying romance and Georgian folksong. The concert features two stunning works by female composers. Mary Finsterer’s Ignis for the unusual viola d’amore and cello, is described as ‘breathtakingly beautiful’, and was awarded the 2019 Instrumental Work of the Year by the Australian Art Awards. The program concludes with a celebrated work by one of the most brilliant women of the 19th century, French composer and pianist Louise Farrenc in her trailblazing trio for clarinet, cello and piano.

SCHUBERT Arpeggione Sonata, D.821

NINO ROTA Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano


RACHMANINOFF arranged Rotar
Spring Waters, Op. 14
How Fair This Spot Op. 21 no. 7
Oh Never Sing to Me Again Op. 4 no. 4
FINSTERER Ignis for viola d’amore and cello
FARRENC Trio clarinet, cello, piano in E Flat Major, Op. 44

Jayson Gillham Piano

Gladys Chua Piano

Jonathan Henderson Flute

Isabella Moore Soprano

Richard Narroway Cello

Ashley Smith Clarinet

Alan Smith Violin

James Wannan Viola

Duration: 120 minutes, with a 20 minute interval