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Gallery: Souvenirs de Aranjuez

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

QPAC Concert Hall – February 21, 2021

with Guest Artist Slava Grigoryan, guitar

"The sound of castanets, flamenco dancing, and bull fights were frequently conjured up in this classical chamber concert headed by guitar soloist Slava Grigoyan. Cancelled in 2020 because of Covid restrictions, this Southern Cross Soloists concert has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait." – Stage Whispers


Karol Kowalik, Alex Raineri and Slava Grigoryan

Alan Smith and Alex Raineri

The Southern Cross Soloists perform with Slava Grigoryan

Artistic Director Tania Frazer addresses the audience

Jonathan Henderson, Nick Mooney, Drew Gilchrist and Tania Frazer

The Southern Cross Soloists perform with Slava Grigoryan

Alex Raineri, Slava Grigoryan and Jonathan Henderson



The Southern Cross Soloists with Slava Grigoryan, composer Natalie Nicolas, arranger John Rotar and board chair Dr Diana Khursandi

Tania Frazer, Dame Quentin Bryce AO and John Rotar

Natalie Nicolas and Slava Grigoryan

Kay Feeney, Philip Dubois and Leanda Elliot

Sean O'Boyle and Rachel Bowes

Philip Dubois, Margaret O’Donnell and Jonathan Blocksidge

Joe Hoffman, Janye Blocksidge, Jenny Douglas and Rose Hoffman

Alan Smith and Elaine Seeto

Maxine Williamson and SXS flutist Jonathan Henderson

Michael Byrom, Trina Robbie, Georgina Bryrom and Roger Bryom

Miffi Maxmillion and Eddie Peet

Patricia Mitchell and SXS Artistic Director Tania Frazer

Felicity Frain and Pablo Remy

Gae Arnison, Lyn Waddington, Janette Kollisch, Lita Perrier and Robyn Coomber

Helen Margess and Liam Mallinson

Ian and Lesley Harewood

Jade Begbie and Xenya Beagbie

Ji Davis and Anna Bruck

John Leyden, Ruth Wilkins and Kent Wilkens

Jordan Landers and Jodie Fairhall

Katrina Chijova and Gudrun Praser

Lauren Coutts and Calum McPhee

Laurie and Richard Slaughter

Leith Sly, Peter Sly and Jernonia Muntaner

Mick and Mila Ferris

Phil McMaster and Angela James

Philip and Slavica Petrovic

Ryan Gilchrist, Asha Varghese and Drew Gilchrist

Susan and Allegra Pople

Victor and Elena Churilov

Yvonne and Stephen Henry


Photos by Darren Thomas.


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